I thought I would add a little variety to my blog posts. Add in a Magical Memory because that is what a trip to Disney is all about. At least for me. :)

Several years ago we did a 3 generation trip. My in-laws, my husband and I, along with 2 girls. During that trip I experienced one of the most Magical Memories I have ever had. EVER. And it didn’t even really pertain to my family.

We had decided, since the kids were little, to do the Family Magic Tour. Our tour guide was the most friendly and energetic young lady. She had us looking for clues, hopping (literally) around the Magic Kingdom and generally having a blast.

Magical Memory

Hopping through the Magic Kingdom

Soon in our journey we were met by a very special friend…Peter Pan! What fun. We were able to tour with him and go on a few rides. He took both girls by the hand and took then to the front of the line for “HIS” ride. (Which was, of course, the Peter Pan ride.) During the ride the kept shouting “Hook is a codfish!” and encouraging the girls to do just the same. After they got off that ride they were all smiles. To have your own ride with Peter Pan himself!

He was the chattiest Peter Pan ever and kept the girls (and adults) totally entertained. Next we were to go into Mickey’s Philharmagic. While waiting in line Peter was chatting and laughing with us. Even though so many other people wanted his attention he only had attention for us. We felt so incredibly special. So many memories already. But the biggie was just around the corner.

Magical Memory

Chatting with Peter Pan

We were still waiting in line to see the show. Smiling and laughing. Peter Pan happened to glance around and see a young man who was severely disabled in a fully motorized wheelchair. He very politely excused himself from our group and skipped over to the area where this young man was waiting. Without anyone prompting him to do so, this young Peter Pan bent down and had a lovely conversation with this young disabled man. The young man was very excited, smiling and waving. We were not close enough to hear any of the conversation but … just the MAGIC that happened still brings tears to my eyes.

Magical Memory

The person for whom the Magical Memory was to happen! (Behind us)

How lovely, how generous, how magical for our Peter Pan to take it upon himself to freely give Magical Memories to that family! I tell you, right then and there my heart belonged to Walt Disney World. The best kind of magic happens when you are totally not expecting it. :D

Peter Pan did come back to our group. We were able to watch the show with a very disruptive Peter Pan! He knew my youngest hated to get spray in her face and at the appropriate time threw himself in front of her to protect her. At the end of the show each girl got a Lost Girls secret name. A few hugs and photos later and Peter was off for another adventure.

Magical Memory

Giving the girls their very own Lost Girls secret names.

But in my heart, that one Magical Memory of Peter Pan talking to the young man, will stay with me forever!

Magical Memory

Family Photo with Peter Pan


Wishing you many Magical Memories!

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