For making unique, heart-warming Winter vacation memories, consider a snowy trip to Europe, or one of the amazing North American ski-and-snowboard destinations.

This type of vacation is known for the warm charm of well-appointed resort rooms, the cozy Holiday atmosphere in the mountain villages, and an abundance of fine, local, and specialty cuisine and winter-themed foods. Combine that with the snow activities that vary by skill and mood, and often include new fun experiences.


Alpine coasters are now a feature not to be missed in many larger resorts, often along with gliders, snow tubing, parasailing, dog sledding, XC skiing, thermal spas, and heated outdoor pools with hot tubs… And let’s not forget EVERYONE’S favorite snow resort activity: après ski, where cozy meets festive, and stories are shared around a firepit.

It is worth noting that the infrastructure and set up of winter sports vacation destinations have advanced in an exceptional way over the decades to accommodate new and seasoned guests, with excellent service, and group and private lessons for anyone wanting to sharpen their skills or learn something new. Children’s daycare and full-day ski/snowboard camps are phenomenal programs available to families. The comfortable cozy-glamour spirit has remained, as beautiful and uplifting as the majestic scenery surrounding the resort villages.

It is SO easy to fall in love with a particular location and make that Your Winter Tradition. But there is always something to look forward to in a new resort: one of my personal favorite “side-quest” discoveries was sledding between two Swiss villages and taking a cute mountain train up to the Start line!!

Ski gondola

  • This getaway is most suited for active-minded adult couples, friends, and families, often offering accommodations perfect for larger groups or multi-family stays.
  • Themed weeks and weekend specials throughout the snow season are growing in popularity: save your neon-colors ski outfit for the 80s weekend, attend the X-Games, or book the LGBTQ week.
  • Suggested vacation length of a minimum of 5 days, depending on destination and travel time, as well as altitude adjustment.

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