Magical Mouse Tip #2 ~ A Boost Up on Your Next Cruise

I am a rather short person. Especially sitting down, by which I mean I have longish legs, but a shortish body. So when I sit down in the car for example I always need to have the seat on the highest position. Or a phone book for a boost up. But they hardly make phone books anymore! I am always grateful for adjustable seats. :p

Anyhow…I noticed when going on my first cruise that as I was sitting on my lovely verandah, looking out to see the wonderful view I paid extra for, I saw a whole lot of rail and not so much beauty. My sight line was exactly at the guard rail height. :( I was lucky to be able to look up and the sky and luckier still to have a glass balcony wall so I could see the beautiful water, but not lucky enough to see the shore line and other wonderful things.

Magical Mouse Tip

Verandah seating.

And hanging your arms over the rail to see things gets old!

Lucky for me I am a nerd and love researching, so when it came time for my Alaska cruise, I was prepared!

In every stateroom there are life vests. These are not the kind you use skiing, but rather odd block shaped ones. See exhibit “A” below.

Magical Mouse Tip

Exhibit “A” Life Preservers

Not the most attractive look, eh?

However, these great items are not just great for saving your life, they also make WONDERFUL seat cushions! Just place one of these on your balcony seat and you will get a boost up and be able to SEE all the great wild life and scenery that you wanted to see on you balcony. Genius!

So whether you are looking for Alaska wildlife….

Magical Mouse Tip

This is just want I wanted to see while on my verandah!

Or the warm waters in the Caribbean….

Magical Mouse Tip

Warm Ocean Views

You now have a great tip to give you a boost up on your next cruise! Bon Voyage!!

These Disney tips and tricks have worked well for me; your mileage may vary.

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