Magical Mouse Tip # 70 Apples and Buttons: A Bad Combo

Magical Mouse Tip #70

Cinderella’s Castle


This is just a quick tip for you today!

When my youngest was much younger and celebrated her birthday at Walt Disney World she got a celebrate button, as you might recall from my earlier tip. She wore that button proudly through out the vacation. When it was time to go to the airport we knew she couldn’t wear her button through security. So we popped it into her backpack to be scanned. No problem right? Wrong.

My youngest likes things just so. She is a rule follower and hates to be wrong. As usual I let the girls go ahead of me in the security line. That way I could bring up the rear if anything scary happened. Well, this particular trip, her backpack got pulled over. They told her she wasn’t allowed to bring a snow globe through security. (There are signs all over the place telling you this by the way.) She said she didn’t. I scooted through security to talk to the person holding her backpack. I also stated that there was no snow globe in the backpack. They scanned it again. My daughter was sweating bullets by this time. Wondering if she was going to go to jail or something. Again they said there was a snow globe in the backpack and requested to open it. By this time my daughter was near tears. Poor thing.

Of course we told them they could open the bag. Upon searching for the elusive snow globe the TSA agent found the celebrate button along with an apple. Upon comparison to the x ray it was determined that the button and the apple were next to each other and closely resembled the banned snow globes.

So lucky for us my 7 year old was not taken to TSA jail. We were able to make our flight with plenty of time. And we learned a good lesson.

Don’t pack your celebrate buttons on top of your apples. Or the TSA will pull you over. (And no snow globes either!)

Luckily we can laugh about it now!

Magical Mouse Tip #70

Happy Birthday Cupcake

These Disney tips and tricks have worked well for me; your mileage may vary.

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