Hello! My name is Betsy Schwers

Here are some quick facts:

* I specialize in Royal Caribbean Cruises

* I live in Burke, Virginia

* I am married with 2 adult children and our Border Collie Mix named Simon.

* My favorite destination St. Maarten

* Travel enthusiast Betsy Schwers brings over two decades of event and travel planning expertise, from family vacations to multigenerational trips. Rooted in the vibrant Washington DC area, Betsy’s lived experiences in Massachusetts and Arizona enrich her tailored itineraries. Highlights of her travel chronicles include Cape Cod summers, Vermont ski escapades, and iconic Arizona landmarks. Betsy’s passion shines in orchestrating unforgettable journeys, whether it’s a solo escape, a romantic retreat, or a family adventure. Let her craft your next memorable expedition!

Excited to assist people in fulfilling dreams and making memories.


Phone: (703) 822-1234