Oksana here.

Born in Moscow, Russia, I have spent my childhood in South East Asia, and to this point in my life, I traveled extensively in the former USSR, Europe, the Caribbean, and the USA – which I call my home since ’92. I am very adventurous and open to many travel-related activities, sports, foods, and attractions. I speak fluent Russian and English, although when speaking English, I lost my Russian accent and now only use it to entertain my kids.

I find my passion for travel to be the most rewarding life experience: from the knowledge and cultural experiences gained, and personal growth, to pure entertainment and enjoyment of attractions available.

My two kids, Max and Zoe, have been traveling with me and my husband since they were born: planes, trains, and automobiles, with a few cruises here and there. I can see the influence of cultural experiences and travel logistics coming through in positive ways in their lives, and in their excitement about upcoming trips.

I don’t like planning travel…  I LOVE it! I love planning my own, or helping others, as through the years I have gained much knowledge that eases the “hard parts”, and points to the “good parts”.  I am extremely detailed in my organization of a trip and logistics – be it for one person, or 10. That stems from my personal travel as the Mom-in-charge. You know how it is: the family goes on vacation, but mom is doing all the same mom stuff, only in a different place and with fewer resources and time? Yeah, not quite my thing either. I thus elevated the trip planning into an art form, carefully and meticulously structuring itineraries and preparation, considering and anticipating all the possible needs of everyone in the group, so once there – Mom gets to enjoy the vacation, too. I know, I know, what a concept!!

It has been my pleasure to introduce myself to you.

You can reach me at Oksana@BornForTravel.com or (703) 667-0521

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