Hello! My name is Carolyn Norton Schmalenberger.

Here are some quick facts:

* I specialize in Luxury Cruises

* I live on Virginia’s southeastern coast

* With a lineage steeped in boating traditions, I have been happily wed to my college sweetheart for over forty years. Together, we have lovingly raised two exceptional adult daughters who also grew up on boats. Our home is further enriched by the presence of three delightful grandchildren and two playful felines.

* My favorite destination? It’s a tie! The British Virgin Islands and Mont Saint-Michel, France.

* As a former CEO and Leadership Coach, my lifelong passion for cultivating successful teams was very rewarding. Traveling for business was interesting, but some of my very best experiences have been when traveling with family and friends. Today, I am committed to creating trips that are as unique and memorable as the people taking them. Let’s embark on a journey together and make your dream vacation a reality by creating amazing memories in fabulous destinations.

Creating unforgettable travel experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime!


Phone: (804) 694-9057