Value versus Cost

This is something that has been rattling around in my brain for a while. People often ask me for a “good deal” at Disney, Universal or Cruises. People think that the cheapest vacation is what they want. Most of the time, though, it isn’t.

Let me explain.

If someone asks me for the cheapest stateroom on a Princess Cruise to Alaska, that would most likely be an inside cabin with no windows on Deck 2. However, I never book anyone there. When you go to Alaska, you want to see the amazing scenery. You want to feel that ocean air on your face. You want to see the glaciers as they shed house size chunks of ice into the water. You are also going to want to perhaps visit the Spa, take in an evening show and of course probably 3 times a day you will need to eat.

Alaska’s Beautiful Wilderness

If I put you in an inside stateroom with no windows on Deck 2 you will spend a majority of your free time going to some other place on the ship. And those ships are bigger than you might expect. You will need to travel up as many as 10 decks to get where you want to go. During meal times or times you are in port you will be waiting with literally thousands of other people to use the elevators. Of course, when you are viewing the glaciers you can bundle up and go up (many) decks to view them. There is nothing wrong with that. Thousands of people will have the same idea. Of course, when you realize you have forgotten your binoculars, the trip back to Deck 2 can be daunting. You will also be on a deck with very few other passengers and it feels sort of lonely. Depending on where you are you may also hear the mechanical noises or even the anchor when it drops.

If for a bit more money, I can put you in a modest balcony stateroom, your trip would be much different. In the mornings, you can put on your robe and pop out on the balcony to see the whale that just decided to breach in the morning mist. You can grab your binoculars or camera and pop outside to see if you can see them do it again. During dinner time, you see all those people waiting for the elevator, you choose to walk up just a few flights of stairs to get to your dining room. If you forget that extra sweater for the dining room it isn’t such a big deal to pop back to your stateroom to gather it. The hot tub, shows, nature guide talks, and spa are not nearly as far away. If you are traveling with family, often the balconies of adjoining rooms can be opened so that you can share the view and experience with each other. Your time is spent on enjoying your vacation. Not on getting to your next destination on the ship.

Viewing Glacier Bay from our balcony aboard the Sapphire Princess

Value versus Cost

Much the same can be said for Walt Disney World. Staying offsite can be cheaper dollar wise. But the amount of time traveling, waiting to get in (or worse out) of the parking lots, not getting the Extra Magic Hours, etc. will eat up your vacation time.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Value versus Cost

When you go on vacation you are using your hard-earned vacation dollars. You want to create memories with your family. You want to interact with your children, see their eyes instead of the backs of their phones, laugh with them, explore with them.

There is value in all of that. Usually, it is worth the cost.

Face to Face time with my family is the most important to me!

Until Next Time!