I am a control freak. I freely admit it. I like to plan and be in control of everything. So when Disney’s Magical Express first came out I was skeptical that it was for me. What exactly is Disney’s Magical Express you ask? Well…just about the best thing since sliced bread!

Disney Magical Express

Mickey Mouse

Disney’s Magical Express is a motorcoach that takes guests who are staying at select Disney resorts directly from the airport to their resort and then back again. For FREE!

Not only do they take you…they pick up your checked luggage and magically make it appear in your resort room. (I love it when the Magic starts right away!) On select airlines, you can even check your luggage in at the resort and Disney will handle the rest. You just pick up your bags at your end destination! Yippee!

What that means to me is as soon as I am in the Orlando airport I am really on vacation. No more standing with a bunch of other tired travelers and their tired kids to get my luggage. No more lugging all my luggage to the rental car place and then trying to figure out how to move the seats in my rental so I can actually see out the mirror. Or worrying if I have change for the toll roads.

I can just follow the signs down to the pick up area where delightful cast members greet me and check me in. I get on the fully air-conditioned motorcoach, sit back in the comfy seats, watch a little Disney on the TV’s and not have to worry about traffic, or making the wrong turn, or keeping my kids occupied.

Magical Express Drivers are much more experienced than this.

Magical Express Drivers are much more experienced than this.

I might not go to my resort first of all, but if I don’t, then I get to scope out what some other resorts look like for my next vacation. (I am always thinking ahead!)

I also was concerned about getting around to the parks without a car. Disney has you covered there too! Depending on the resort you stay at, you have access to all the parks as well as Downtown Disney via monorail, boat, or bus. You really don’t need a car. Even if you choose to visit another park like (gasp) Universal, a taxi or limo service can get you there so easily. And you save on parking fees!

The only other concern I had was not being able to stop at a grocery store for snacks and water on the way to our resort. I got you covered. There are several grocery stores that deliver right to your resort. My personal favorite is GardenGrocer.com. I was able to get a wide variety of food from them, even cold food, delivered right to my room on the day I arrived.  If my kids were little I could have even purchased diapers. Nice.

So while I was initially worried about giving up control, the financial benefit and the ability to get to my resort stress free are HUGE factors in favor of Disney’s Magical Express. The benefit doubles when you are traveling with small children. Just avoiding the hassle of luggage and lugging my kids makes it worth while. Just. So. Easy!

And really that is what I want when I am on vacation. I want it to be easy and feel like I am on vacation.

Just so you know, you do need to be staying at select Disney resorts. And you do need to book ahead of time, no just showing up. Check out this link for specifics. Disney’s Magical Express.

So for this control freak, Disney’s Magical Express gets two thumbs up.

And did I mention that there is NO COST for this!  It gives me more spending cash to purchase that Mickey Ice Cream bar I have been craving. Or that Minnie Mouse sweatshirt I just must have! Maybe a little extra money for a hat or two?

Who doesn't need a new hat from Disney?

Who doesn’t need a new hat from Disney?


These Disney tips and tricks have worked well for me; your mileage may vary.

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