While vacationing over the holidays at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids, MI I was surprised to see that there was an option to have my cell phone open my hotel room door. I was intrigued so I downloaded the Hilton Honors App and logged in.

I am a member of Hilton’s Honors Club already, so it was pretty simple. A few more clicks and the app had my upcoming visit. I was able to check into my room long before I arrived at the hotel. I was even able to see the floor plans and choose my room. (As a safety precaution, you must check in with the front desk and show photo ID.) Once I had provided my ID to the front desk, I was able to go up to my room. I had the app open which told me to hold my phone close to the door and click unlock. Easy Peasy I was in my room!! No more digging around for a small piece of plastic which I always seem to misplace.

This isn’t the first time I have been exposed to the lack of a key. Walt Disney World in Florida started this years ago with the Magic Band.

This nifty wristband allows you to unlock your resort room door, enter the parks, charge items to your room (with a security code you set up beforehand) and enter into the FastPass+ lane. It has revolutionized how I visit the parks. I absolutely love it.

Cruise lines are not far behind. Princess Cruise Lines now has their Ocean Medallion Cruises which have something very similar.

It is a small medallion you can wear in the free bracelet provided. You can pop it out and put it in your pocket or purchase upgraded wearable items to look more stylish. This item will allow you to shop from anywhere on the ship and have it delivered to you with no tap, no swipe, and no signatures. (Drinks by the pool anyone?) Find your family anywhere on the ship, message with them, and delight in keyless entry. Explore ports before you arrive, and receive invites to shore excursions based on your preferences. The best part…LESS WAIT TIME! Ocean Medallion streamlines the boarding process— so you’ll enjoy hassle-free arrival and easy departure. I am all for more relaxing and less stress on my vacation.

Both the Princess Medallion and the Disney Magic Band are waterproof and so easy to integrate into your vacation. No longer do I HAVE to have my purse to carry my ID, cash, credit cards and such. It was very strange the first time I went into the Magic Kingdom with just my Magic Band and some Chapstick! And I loved it.

I imagine at the rate technology is advancing we soon will not need to carry a key card or credit card for that matter while we are on vacation. I think I am ok with that.

How do you feel about no longer needing key cards? Let me know on my Facebook page Born for Travel. I would love to hear from you!