Magical Mouse Tip #19  Rope Drop is KEY

Although this is my #19 tip, really is should be #1 in importance. The number 1 thing I tell my clients, family and friends when they are headed to Disney is to be at the parks, standing in line by rope drop.

Magical Mouse Tips

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom prior to rope drop

What is rope drop you ask. Well, let me explain. Before the guests can enter the Disney Parks they must wait outside the roped off entrance. Usually there is a cute pre show with characters, music as well as lots of fun and excitement! The crowd is all eager and happy. Excited to go have fun.

Magical Mouse Tips

Waiting for rope drop

Once the park is officially open, the rope is dropped and you can enter! Hurrah, Hurrah! It is really neat to be able to walk down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and see everything fresh and new. Sometimes Characters are out. The balloons are for sale and the photographers are just waiting to take you photo.

Magical Mouse Tips

Nearly empty Main Street just after rope drop.

While all that is reason enough to get to the parks early, it really isn’t the main reason. I actually suggest you bypass all the characters and balloons. Here is why…

Most vacationers do not get into the parks until mid morning. Do you know what that means!! Fewer people in the parks and more time for you to ride those rides before the hordes get there!! Yippee. :D

Magical Mouse Tip

Pre rope drop wait for the monorail

So by 11:30 am when the mass of people get into the parks you, my friend, will be on your way to lunch. Having already experienced your most important rides.

Really, if you only remember one thing, remember to be at the parks – ready to go – by rope drop. :)

Magical Mouse Tips

Pre rope drop photo op

These Disney tips and tricks have worked well for me; your mileage may vary.

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