I approached Carol Born at Born for Travel because we didn’t have time to research how to find characters, what character dinners are good, where to have nice dinner with Animal Kingdom theme, how to make the most of our day. She knows just which things to go on first in order to avoid long lines, and which things need a fast pass. We went to 4 parks, and never had a significant wait.

Carol was so helpful. We just told her what we wanted to see and she figured out how to make it happen. Her plans are easy to follow. And she gives enough info so if a ride goes down or the lines are unexpectedly busy, you know what to do.

As a result, we interacted with 34 characters and saw maybe a half a dozen more. We didn’t have any significant waits. We got to do all the attractions that we had hoped to do, plus a few more. We feel like for the cost of our Disney ticket, we got way more out of it because of Carol’s help. Definitely got the biggest bang for our buck!

One thing I liked was that she tailor makes the plans to fit what you want. She sets up the phone app for you, makes restaurant reservations, resort hotel reservations, tickets, fast passes for you. She knows when parks are busy. She knows how to connect you to characters. She answered all of our questions.

I found the experience so much nicer. It took a load off of me, I didn’t have to become a Disney expert.

I would recommend Carol Born to people who need anything Disney!

Melisa M.