Are you ready to reconnect with nature? To breathe in that clean air, feel the breeze on your face or the sun on your hair? Tired of being stuck inside and long to visit a new destination, to feel yourself come alive? A customized journey designed for you might be just the ticket!

Travel is more than just a vacation. It’s a way to reconnect with nature and yourself. When you travel with a nature focused trip, you expose yourself to the beauty and diversity of the natural world and its wonders. You inspire yourself to appreciate and respect the environment and its resources. You encourage yourself to explore and discover new places, ecosystems, and wildlife. You challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try new activities and adventures. You teach yourself valuable skills and knowledge about survival, navigation, and conservation. You enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being by reducing stress, boosting mood, and improving health. You awaken your senses and creativity by stimulating your curiosity and imagination. Travel is a great way to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Jessica and Brandon love exploring new and unique places and wanted to combine this with their love for nature and the outdoors. This led them to an organized tour of South Africa that guided them into the heart of nature, from ziplining and snorkeling with seals in their natural habitat, to taking safaris to see some of the most dangerous and beautiful animals in the world. Nothing felt more freeing than to be in Africa, a land most people would never see in their lifetime, and enjoying the natural beauty that the landscape has to offer.

Are you ready to get out of your daily routine, explore new destinations and reconnect with nature?

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place! We are experts in creating nature focused journeys. Whether you want to visit penguins in Africa, go whale watching in Alaska, or hiking the Alps in Switzerland, the Born for Travel team can help you plan the perfect trip for you to reconnect with nature. Contact us for a quote today!
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Do you feel overwhelmed by the planning process of your next vacation? Do you wish you could simplify your travel planning and design your dream trip without any hassle or stress? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need the team at Born for Travel, the agency that helps you Simplify, Design, and Reconnect. We are experts in the destinations we book and we know how to simplify the planning process for you. We will help you design your perfect trip, from choosing the best value, destination, and location, to providing support and assistance before, during, and after your trip. We want you to have a memorable and enjoyable vacation that will reconnect you with what matters most to you. Don’t let travel planning overwhelm you. Let us show you why we are Born for Travel.