Life can be…boring. Repetitive, sad, overwhelming. Life can often be Unfun.

Many people are looking for something that will help them feel the joy of life again. To find experiences that give them belly laughs like when they were toddlers. To feel curious, excited, and optimistic! They are looking for a way to reconnect with fun and happiness.

Travel is not just a vacation. When you travel with the intent of finding fun, you give yourself a break from the routine and stress of everyday life. You allow yourself to enjoy your hobbies and passions or try new ones. You offer yourself a variety of entertainment and leisure options to suit your mood and preferences. You make yourself laugh and smile with the people you love or meet along the way. You create memorable and exciting experiences that you can cherish and share. You boost your confidence and self-esteem by overcoming challenges and fears. You refresh your spirit and energy by having a positive and optimistic attitude. Travel is a wonderful way to reconnect with fun and happiness.

Debbie had a very hard year. She had lost her loved one and wanted something to look forward to. Something that would allow her to set aside her grief for a while and feel joy again. She has always wanted to visit Disney, but never found a way to go. Debbie reached out to us to see if we could help her as she didn’t even know where to begin.

We found out that Debbie had always wanted to ride the Tea Cups at the Magic Kingdom and her sister was willing to go along for the ride. She wanted to laugh so hard she cried. We took care of all the details, found a resort that was just right for her budget and close to the parks. We set up her dining and selected the best tickets for her.

It wasn’t a long trip but we are happy to report it was just what she was hoping for! Debbie and her sister rode those Tea Cups and laughed and laughed and laughed. Just what she needed!

Are you ready to get out, leave the boring mundane behind and find some fun?

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place! We are experts in creating fun vacations. Whether you want to experience the magic at a theme park, dance the night away under the stars on a cruise ship, or white-water raft down a river, the Born for Travel team can help you plan the perfect trip for you to reconnect fun! Contact us for a quote today!


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