Life can get busy.

Sometimes with all the obligations we have we lose our connection with those that we care about the most. And sometimes, travel is just what you need to reconnect with your family.

Travel is more than just a vacation. When you travel with your loved ones, you create shared memories and experiences that last a lifetime. You break away from the routine and stress of everyday life and spend quality time together without distractions or interruptions. You discover new places, cultures, and perspectives that enrich your worldview. You have fun, laughter, and adventure together. You learn new skills, hobbies, or languages together. You strengthen your bonds and communication. You appreciate each other’s differences and similarities. You find new ways to express your love and gratitude for each other. Travel is the best gift you can give to your family and to yourself.

Take Sue for example. We were chatting one day after church, and she mentioned she was taking her children and grandchildren to Disney for a holiday. How exciting. She and her husband wanted to spend some quality time with their family. They saw each other often, but it was at the kids’ sporting events or other activities where they couldn’t really connect. She then mentioned she was just going to go to the park and buy tickets when she arrived! Oh no! That would be the wrong way to go!

We took the time to find out what was most important to her about this trip. We found out she wanted detailed plans for each park – what to do when and in what order. Some of her family had dietary concerns that the restaurants needed to be aware of. We were able to give her everything she needed so when she arrived, she had no worries about wasting time or money. Sue was actually able to just enjoy her vacation and not feel stressed! She was really able to reconnect with her family and make some amazing lifelong memories!

Are you ready to put down your phone, immerse yourself in new cultures and destinations, create lifetime memories, and be present with each other? Would you also enjoy exciting activities such as ziplining, snorkeling, making pasta, watching Broadway style plays, or having family meals together.

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place! We are experts in creating customized family vacations. Whether you want to explore the Caribbean on a cruise, have an adventure with Disney in Italy, or witness the beauty of Alaska on a ship, the Born for Travel team can help you plan the perfect trip for you to reconnect with your family! Contact us for a quote today!


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