“We never would have been able to navigate the four Kingdoms…without your help”

Susan K.

For some people, the thrill is in planning the details of their vacation. For others, a vacation means sitting back and letting an expert handle all those pesky details. However you like to vacation, we have a planning service for you!

Working with a Travel Professional

Many people have never worked with a Travel Professional before. They think that a travel professional is paid by the destination no matter if the client travels or not. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As travel professionals, we do get a small compensation for sending a client to a destination, Disney World for example. However, that compensation is ONLY paid after the client travels. It does not compensate the travel professional for all the time and expert knowledge that goes into planning a fantastic vacation. As you can see from our planning fees below, there is a lot of benefit and knowledge that comes from working with a travel professional. We are more than just booking agents. You can “book” a trip on Expedia yourself. If you want expert knowledge and a partner to help you create an amazing vacation then, paying a travel professional for their talent is well worth the expense.

Initial Consultation and Quote

There is never any charge for the initial quote and phone consultation. Discussion during this call includes:

  • Getting to know each other to find out if we are a good fit to work together
  • Determining where and when you’d like to travel
  • What experiences you’d like to have
  • Who will be traveling, including ages of the children and any special needs
  • Your budgeting desires

We will prepare an initial quote based on the first consultation. Once you have decided to book with Born for Travel, the next step is to choose the level of service you would like from us.

Travel Planning Options

Platinum Level

Our premium service. This is the option for those busy people who want ALL the details handled. This includes all the Gold level benefits plus: 2 phone conversations up to an hour-long each, to ensure every question is answered and everything is set. We book all VIP tours and research available special event packages for the premier experience.

Gold Level

For those that want a vacation from all the little details. Includes all of the Silver level benefits plus: Booking any tours or excursions for your vacation. We will secure beverage packages, book all special dining needs, and arrange for your special events. For Disney vacations, detailed ride by ride instructions for each park provides the structure for a worry-free day. It’s like having a tour guide for your family in your pocket. You will also receive a special goodie package for your little ones.

Silver Level

Our most popular option for those who would like more detailed help with planning their vacation specifics. Includes all of the Bronze level benefits plus: Counseling on the best type of stateroom, room location, excursions, and destination options. For Disney vacations, we will book any basic dining, set up your My Disney Experience, assist in selecting your Magic Bands, give you recommendations for each park, provide park hours, ride refurbishment list, parade, and firework schedules. We will book any required transfers from the airport to your destination if desired. Your final document package will also include destination information, packing suggestions, and other useful information.

Bronze Level

This is our beginning level of service. Good for those who know what they want and wish to avoid the stress of arranging the details. We will continue to tweak your initial quote and options to suit your needs. We will book your vacation package, prepare your final documents, send you lots of information about your destination as well as being available for you to ask us any questions about your vacation. We will share our expert knowledge on the destination as well as any tips and suggestions for making your vacation a stress free vacation. You’ll be responsible for researching and booking all dining options, FastPasses, additional excursions, and park upgrades.

Prices are based on packages for individual families who book directly with Born for Travel. If groups are traveling together the price is per booking. Work on planning your vacation will begin once the fees have been paid via PayPal with a credit card or by check. All planning fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.