Eva Smith

Hello, my name is Eva.


Travel and adventure are my passion in life. I love the planning process and putting great care and effort into making sure the goal of the trip is achieved.   I am happiest when planning a new trip, for my own family as well as others. To me, travel is all about making memories and having wonderful experiences. These experiences are what make life so rewarding.


As a Born for Travel affiliate, Barefoot World Travel is proud to offer Disney packages.  Disney is truly a magical place, for all ages! There is so much to do and see that it can be overwhelming. Using a trained travel professional helps you get the most out of your trip, without the added stress of planning and organizing.


The Disney character I am most drawn to is Moana. Like her, I feel drawn to the water. This is why I have elected to specialize in cruises. The feeling of being out on the open ocean or sailing down a river is truly magical. And with so many ships and cruise lines to choose from, the cruise of your dreams is just a phone call or message away! Combine the magic of Disney with a voyage on the Disney Cruise Line for great fun for the whole family. If Disney isn’t your style, a scenic river cruise may be just the ticket. Or maybe you long for the adventure of an Alaskan cruise. Whatever calls you, Barefoot World Travel can make it happen. You choose the destination, and I will help create the path.

Wherever you go, go Barefoot.

-Eva Smith



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