So you might be asking yourself, why would I ever want to use a travel agent. Can’t I just do it all on my own? Well, yes, you could. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the best idea though. Here are 10 reasons to use a travel agent:

#1 You are already paying for my services! That is right. Disney, Cruise Lines, Car Rentals, Hotels…they all have travel agent commissions built into their prices. If you book direct, the company keeps that money. If you book through me I get the commission and you get more than just a confirmation number. You get dedicated customer service.

#2 I keep up with all the discounts that come up for your dates of travel. If there is a deal, I’ll let you know and then add it to your reservation if you want.

#3 I LOVE research. Seriously. If I don’t know the answer to a question regarding your trip, I will search it out. And I will have fun doing it.

#4  Booking with a travel agent saves you valuable time. Refer back to #3. And to #5. I spend the time so you don’t have to.

#5 I love all the little details. Really, really. All those hundreds of things you need to remember to do…Fastpasses, dining reservations, booking tours. I help you stay on track.

#6 I am on your side. Should issues arise I will do whatever I can to make sure you have a Magical Vacation.

#7 I have been there. A lot. By having a strong love for all things Disney we can help you get a truly magical vacation that you want.

#8 Tips and Tricks for a Magical Vacation. Follow my blog and I will give you some of my favorite tips so your vacation can go smoothly.

#9 When you book with me your get my amazing Disney Dream Vacation Planning Service at no cost!

#10 All of this service for FREE! That is right. I get a small commission from the Disney Company  (or other travel companies) when you book your travel through me. That way I don’t need to charge you to do something I really love to do. Bonus!

Bonus reason: As an affiliate of Cadillac Travel, you have over 30 years of experience on your side. Having a quality, well-known and respected Travel Agency allows you to feel even more secure booking with me.

So there you have it. 10 good reasons to use Born For Travel to book your Disney Vacation! Take a moment today and let me give you a no obligation quote on your next Magical Vacation.


10 Reasons to use a travel agent

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